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-How to Contact Us-

105 West Street
Pony, MT 59747
PO Box 697
Pony, MT 59747

Green University® LLC
Outdoor Wilderness Living School (OWLS)

PO Box 697
Pony, MT 59747

Jefferson River
Canoe Trail

PO Box 697
Pony, MT 59747

-These e-mail addresses are occasionally changed to evade spam.-

      Please Note: We receive a steady stream of e-mail questions from web surfers all over the world, on topics as varied as these:

  • What woods work best in my area for starting a bowdrill fire?
  • Is it better to insulate the inside or outside of my basement walls?
  • What is this plant with pink flowers in my backyard?
  • Are there any insects in the U.S. that are poisonous to eat?
  • Can we build a log house with green wood?
  • How can I go about starting my own wilderness survival school?
Participating in Nature: Wilderness Survival and Primitive Living Skills.

      We also receive many e-mails and phone questions from newspaper and magazine reporters researching stories, as well as inquiries from a variety of television programs.

      We continue to respond to your questions to the best of our abilities. However, given the volume of letters we receive, we are not always timely in our responses!

      Keep in mind that computers, the internet, and people all make mistakes. If we don't answer your e-mail, then there is a chance that it never arrived here. Also please make sure you are sending it with the correct e-mail return address, as we have spent a lot of time answering some questions, only to find that the e-mail addresses they came from were invalid. Any e-mails with attached viruses are deleted without being read or responded to.

      Our responses are prioritized first to our customers with questions about orders, pricing, billing, or shipping. Expect to hear back from us within a day or two usually, unless we are away from the office.

Living Homes: Stone Masonry, Log, and Strawbale Construction.       We are slower at responding to how-to questions about primitive skills, plant identification or home construction, mostly because a single inquiry can take a few days to mull over the question, and an hour or more to answer it. But we will answer your question as long as we feel qualified to do so. At the very least we will try to steer you in the right direction. Expect an answer in two to four weeks on these type of questions, potentially longer during summer months.

Botany in a Day: The Patterns Method of Plant Identification.       We are slowly in the process of creating some question and answer pages on the website to avoid answering the same questions again and again. As a courtesy to us, please read Tom's books (shown here) before asking questions, so that we do not have to spend so much time on subjects that have already been covered in-depth. Any topic you still have questions about after reading Tom's books is definitely fair game, and we will bend over backwards to answer it thoroughly.

Roadmap to Reality: Consciousness, Worldviews, and the Blossoming of Human Spirit.       The questions we are most likely to delete without any reply at all are the ones about edible insects, such as "what types are poisonous?" or "what is the nutritional content of grasshoppers?". Although we are the web host for the Food Insects Newsletter, we really know next to nothing about the subject ourselves (we would like to learn more).

      For questions to the Society of Primitive Technology, please use the contact information on their web page. Thanks!

      Thanks to Cindy for providing the link to the e-mail encoder. It translates e-mail addresses into numerical code to insert into the html to help trip up robots that are seeking e-mail addresses to send spam to.

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Roadmap to Reality: Consciousness, Worldviews, andthe Blossoming of Human Spirit
to Reality
Living Homes: Stone Masonry, Log, and Strawbale Construction
Participating in Nature: Wilderness Survival and Primitive Living Skills.
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Foraging the Mountain West: Gourmet Edible Plants, Mushrooms, and Meat.
Foraging the
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Botany in a Day: The Patterns Method of Plant Identification
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Shanleya's Quest: A Botany Adventure for Kids

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